Armeg 16 Piece Twister Drilling Set

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 Perfect for tradesmen using impact drivers

  • Includes Armeg's premium brand quality drill bits all impact rated for impact drivers
  • The set is supplied in a stylish and durable set case for tool protection
  • The multi-material drilling set features Armeg's much loved drill bits designed for drilling masonry, wood and metal for the ultimate versatility
  • All shanks are manufactured to 1173:200

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Set includes:

Twister HSS Cobalt Drill Bits 

  • Featuring 5% cobalt for increased wear resistance and extended durability
  • Provides up to 10 X Life in stainless steel compared to standard HSS bits

Twister Multi Material Drill Bits 

  • 1 piece design made from high quality steel for optimum performance in impact drivers
  • Drills through multiple materials including lightweight block, soft brick, timber, soft tile and sheet metal

 Nail-Proof Stubby Woodbeaver 

  • The solution to drilling in nail embedded wood, with a compact length ideal for inter-joist drilling


  • Designed specifically for drilling sheet steel, Acceler8% is built for speed
  • HSS cutting edge with 8% cobalt for durability
  • Flared body depth stop for improved safety and easy tool removal

 230mm Long 1/4” Extension Rod  

  • Quick-Change extension rod, perfect for when  extra reach is required

 SDS Plus to 1/4” Adaptor 

  • Quick-Change adaptor converts 1/4” shank accessories to SDS Plus compatibility for machine versatility


Set Contents

Nail-Proof Stubby WoodBeaver

1 x 20, 25mm


1 x 20, 25, 32mm

Twister Multi Material

2 x 5.5 x 150mm

1 x 6.0 x 150mm

1 x 7.0 x 150mm

1 x 8.0 x 150mm

Twister HSS Cobalt

1 x 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0


1 x Quick-Change SDS Plus to 1/4" Adaptor

1 x Quick-Change 1/4" Extension Rod